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ABC Solar Includes CPUC Required Solar Information Disclosures in latest 269 Page Edition of the Solar Bible 2020.

Today ABC Solar Inc updated his Solar Bible to include the required Public Utilities Commission of California Solar Information Packet focused on protecting residential homeowners. The Solar Bible's 14th edition is given to ABC Solar clients during the sales process.

The Solar Bible is a workbook that allows the homeowner to understand the solar investment and how it will impact their electric bill. Available on Amazon and for free online at

"I am blessed that the real old timers of solar gave me a boost when I started ABC Solar 18 years ago. I promised them I would continue to educate about solar details, installation, design and safety," said Bradley Bartz, founder and chairman of ABC Solar Incorporated and author/photographer for The Solar Bible. "I hope our competitors and industry regulators will continue to put the customer first," finished Bartz."

The Solar Bible features a very productive solar design worksheet that checks key home infrastructures, like main panel size and roof condition. The worksheet is for the client to fill out and is very useful for learning process about solar.

The Frequently Asked Questions in the Solar Bible about solar technology is a solid section developed by Bartz and a retired HP executive. Over a 6-week period, page after page of question and answers took place. Even though this client is a referral to ABC Solar, our team takes every effort to inform the client on the solar investment and answer every question.

The new requirement of the CPUC was published today and can be read here

Focus on Appendix A, which is now included the new Solar Bible.

Another key point is that it is illegal to advertise for contracting services in the State of California unless you are a contractor. You must disclose your contractor license status to the public, otherwise it is illegal to advertise.

This ruling should be a warning to non-licensed-contractors who are lead generators in the solar business. Many consumers have been duped by these faulty lead generators who gather leads illegally and then sell them to solar contractors. The CPUC rules on Information Packets for Solar Sales is directly related to reigning in bad tactics to gain solar leads and sales.

ABC Solar never buys leads as the robo-calls and aggressive door to door sales belong to scumbags. This used to be Solar City, but they stopped buying leads too. I congratulate Musk for cleaning his solar house.

ABC Solar applauds the CPUC for taking action on behalf of the consumer. ABC Solar will continue to provide as much information about solar installation design and installation methods as possible. The ABC Solar youtube installation videos have been seen over a million times.

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About ABC Solar Incorporated

ABC Solar was founded in 2000 to help solve the energy crisis. Over the years ABC Solar has worked hard to earn and keep its 5 star reputation. We are possessive over our clients "Pursuit of Happiness" as solar is that for many of ABC Solar's customers.

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